What’s New on the Universal Funding Application in FY’18/19?

(As of 9/19/18)

NOTE: This summary is provided as a general resource; it is not comprehensive.

Updated requirements are provided in the Universal Funding Application form and funding decision letters.  Application and award requirements supersede any conflict with this summary.

Contact gapsa.finance@gmail.com with further questions.

GAPSA Information Updates

When you participate in GAPSA funded events (including applying for funding), GAPSA may send you information updates and newsletters.  You can opt in/out of GAPSA updates.

Umbrella Student Organizations

In order to assist student groups collaborate and coordinate activities and programs around shared interests, GAPSA Finance encourages student groups to associate in Umbrella Student Organizations (USOs). USOs provide co-investment strategies as well as support for programming and funding initiatives.

Mission Alignment

Funding will support GAPSA’s 2018-19 mission statement. Applicants should address how events and programs: (1) connect and empower graduate students to live well lives, (2) reach their personal and professional goals, and (3) transform society.

Sustainability Statement

Funding will support GAPSA Finance sustainability goals. Applicants should address how events and programs promote financial, environmental, and social sustainability.

Marketing Plan

Applicants should provide a marketing plan, including how, when, and with whom will you advertise and promote your event or program (i.e. channels, media, timing).

Engagement Credit

Participation in GAPSA programs counts toward engagement in funding applications. If a member(s) of your group represented the group in this year's GAPSA Student Activities and Resources Fair (9/6/18), provide confirmation in your funding application.

GAPSA GFAC Finance 101

If your group is interest in GAPSA funding, a member of your group must attend at least one GAPSA Finance Associations Council (GFAC) Finance 101 session by GAPSA Finance before applying for funding in each funding round. Sessions are typically scheduled with each funding round. You must provide the confirmation # provided by GAPSA Finance in your funding application.


All funding must comply with GAPSA's Sunshine Policy, Environmental Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, Finance FAQs and all other policies. Applicants must agree to comply with all policies to submit a funding application.

Contact gapsa.finance@gmail.com with further questions.