What’s New on the Universal Funding Application in FY’19/20?

(As of 10/20/2019)

NOTE: This summary is provided as a general resource; it is not comprehensive.

Updated requirements are provided in the Universal Funding Application form and funding decision letters. Additional requirements added for After Action Review of past events. Application and award requirements supersede any conflict with this summary.

Contact gapsa.finance@gmail.com with further questions.

Eligibility for Funding

Moving forward, events must occur within the semester that the funding round is hosted in, with the exception of summer events. If your event spans multiple semesters, only the events in the current semester will be considered as eligible for funding. If your event occurs during the summer, your event is eligible for Round 4 and Round 1 for funding only. Please note that Round 4 has already ended, and Round 1 begins in the fall semester.

GAPSA After Action Reviews

After Action Reviews will be collected via JotForm. As noted in award letters, any group that receives GAPSA funding must submit an After Action Review detailing overall cost, attendance breakdowns by school, and proof of compliance with the Sunshine Policy and other applicable Finance policies.

Umbrella Student Organizations

In order to assist student groups collaborate and coordinate activities and programs around shared interests, GAPSA Finance encourages student groups to associate in Umbrella Student Organizations (USOs). USOs provide co-investment strategies as well as support for programming and funding initiatives.

Sustainability Statement

Funding will support GAPSA Finance sustainability goals. Applicants should address how events and programs promote financial, environmental, and social sustainability. Additional emphasis will be placed on financial sustainability in the form of providing past years’ reports on how GAPSA funding was utilized to support the group.

Marketing Plan

Applicants should provide a marketing plan, including how, when, and with whom will you advertise and promote your event or program (i.e. channels, media, timing). GAPSA is happy to announce a partnership with EventBrite that will allow any student who wishes to host an event on EventBrite with professional 24/7 support.

GAPSA GFAC Finance 101

If your group is interested in GAPSA funding, a member of your group must complete the GAPSA Finance 101 course and pass with a score of at least 90%. The completion code or certificate must be uploaded with the application in order to be considered for funding during each funding round.


All funding must comply with GAPSA's Sunshine Policy, Environmental Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, After Action Review, Finance FAQs and all other policies. Applicants must agree to comply with all policies to submit a funding application. All events that receive GAPSA funding are subject to audit by a member of the Graduate Advisory Services branch of GAPSA Finance.

Presenting before the General Assembly

Eligible groups as determined by the Finance Committee that are requesting above a threshold amount ($4,000 in overall funding during one funding round) must present their 6-slide (5-minute) application before the General Assembly to be considered for funding.

Contact gapsa.finance@gmail.com with further questions.