Taylor Knoche, Vice Chair for Professional Students

  • Master Candidate, Architecture, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

  • B.S., Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Taylor Knoche's hopes for next year are to instill within all members of the Professional Council the skill set and passion for advocating for the present and future states of the University of Pennsylvania's graduate students. Through building solid relationships within the General Assembly, Taylor seeks to lay a foundation of cross collaboration amongst the G12, breaking away from the silo effect into an all encompassing University that is supported by the 12 graduate programs and recognized organizations. We will look to create opportunities for all graduate and professional students to participate in GAPSA activities and networking opportunities to further the communication across the school.

Taylor is a third year Master of Architecture student, and is pursuing an Ecology Certificate from PennDesign.  Post graduation, Taylor plans to advocate for sustainable building and community organization through advance knowledge of climate systems and policy

Taylor formerly graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013, earning a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies where she focused on embedded technical systems.  She also received a Minor in Germanic Languages and Literatures. During her undergraduate career, Taylor worked closely with the University of Illinois Facilities and Services to supplement its work in GIS mapping, Space Planning and Leasing of university buildings, drawing and documenting newly claimed university space, and small scale renovations for university clients including Law School, Nursing, and Administration.

Currently, Taylor works as a Research Associate to Professor Franca Trubiano within PennDesign providing consultation to University of Pennsylvania's Facilities and Real Estate Services on Building Information Modeling and "smart campus" monitoring. Other projects include technical building techniques for the National Concrete Masonry Association, developing digital tools for the masonry sector for future use by architects and designers. During the summer she is working as an Architectural Intern at Stantec in Philadelphia.

Fun fact: Taylor enjoys going to the gym regularly.  She is also obsessed with coffee, and considers herself a people watching enthusiast. 


If you are a professional student, and have questions or suggestions regarding GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Taylor at gapsa.prof@gmail.com.


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