Social Committee

The Social Committee of GAPSA is responsible for the planning and execution of large and small scale social events year round – from Fall Party (MadParty), Thanksgiving Dinner, Winter Ball (Masquerade), Spring Block Party to Annual Boat Cruise, we have always been the masterminds behind all those memorable events for over 12,000 graduate students at Penn.

The Social Committee is planning fun and exciting activities for the 2015-2016 Academic year.

  • October - First party of the year (MadParty) – 600 attendees
  • November - Thanksgiving Dinner – 90 attendees
  • December - Holiday Party (Winter Masquerade) – 500 attendees
  • April - Spring Block Party
  • May - Boat Cruise

The Social Committee strives to balance the nature of the events between social-networking types with alcoholic beverages and activity-based events by collaborating with the Student Programs Committee to host big and small-scale events.  By doing this, we hope to include more variety of students from the entire Penn graduate student body.  

We are also working to make all of our events affordable for all students (below $30 per student) to achieve the goal to serve greater Penn community.

To get involved, contact the Chair for Student Activities!