Sangya Agarwal, Vice Chair for International Affairs

  • Master Candidate, Biotechnology, University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • B.A., Technology in Biotechnology, Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology, Noida, India

Sangya Agarwal is GAPSA's 2015-2016 Vice Chair for International Affairs.  Sangya is a second year Master’s in Biotechnology student at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  Her current research involves using antibodies based approaches for novel cancer immunotherapy at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the School of Medicine.  Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in the field of immunology and infectious diseases.  Originally from India, she did her undergraduate degree from New Delhi, India. 

Sangya has first-hand experience in organizing events, advertising through social media, and addressing advocacy issues through being an activist during her undergraduate years.  Sangya is also the Co-Chair of the Select Committee, and intends to organize affinity and international student groups, and collaborate with the cultural centers at Penn.  She is also a member of the Round-Table Meetings, which is co-hosted with the AIS, ISAB, ISSS, and UA.  Sangya will be working closely with Penn Global to help execute strategies to solve international student issues. When she’s not conducting experiments in the laboratory, studying, or attending meetings, you’ll find her enjoying making oil paintings and spending time with friends. 

As an International student from India, Sangya understands that the experience of an international student can be both rewarding and challenging. Sangya wishes to use her experiences and knowledge about international affairs to address advocacy issues for the international student body.  Sangya is excited and committed to serve Penn’s international graduate and professional students.


If you identify as an international student, have an interest in international affairs, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Sangya at


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