Professional Student Council


Over the course of the academic year of 2015-2016 GAPSA Professional Council will instill within all members of the council the skill set and passion for advocating for the present and future states of the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate students. Through building solid relationships within the General Assembly, the Professional Council seeks to lay a foundation of cross collaboration amongst the G12. Breaking away from the silo effect, the graduate student body becomes an all-encompassing University that is supported by the 12 graduate programs and recognized organizations. We will look to create opportunities for all graduate and professional students to participate in GAPSA activities and networking opportunities to further the opportunities and communication across the school.


  • Build upon 2014-2015 Professional council format and maintain opportunities for participation through the Budget Committee, handling grant applications and awards, and the Action/Initiative Committee, handling action based initiatives throughout the year
  • Stress professionalism and network building through small workshops and activities similar
  • Enable value creation and enthusiasm for every member of the Professional Committee by making their sure everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Create and strategize initiatives that are solution and action oriented.

General Assembly Initiatives

To gauge the current issues and concerns of graduate students across the G12 graduate programs, a survey was distributed to all GA members of the Professional Council. The survey served as a means to engage newly elected GAs in conversation and also open the agenda for the 2015-2016 Actions/Initiatives Committee to consider. The selection pool was formulated from a word cloud exercise held on the September 23, 2015 meeting, as pictured above. The most predominant issues were selected for use of the survey.

  • What are issues you currently face as a graduate student?
  • Why are you here? What has prompted you to be a part of GAPSA?

Work-Life Balance. Time Management. Financial Aid / Management.

General Assembly Actions

  • Media Screens for Grad Student Center
  • Increase in Travel grant value from $300 maximum to $500 maximum based open the qualifications and completion of the GAPSA Professional Travel Grant; Possible removal of the group funding as process through OSA is complicated and causes a number of issues and loopholes 
  • Working with Wharton and other schools to devise a grant program for Career Development Treks Grant opportunities
  • Financial Literacy Workshop


Contact the Chair for Professional Students to get involved!