Matthew Schaff

Interim Chair for External Affairs

School of Medicine

Matt Schaff is the Deputy Chair for External Affairs and a neuroscience Ph.D. Candidate at Penn. Matt also serves as the lead developer for IdealCampus.org  the website that helps empower GAPSA’s IDEAL Council to make Penn a safe and equitable space for all members of the Penn community, as well as the lead developer for NeuroNet, a social network for Penn neuroscientists. Prior to arriving at Penn in 2016, Matt worked as the lead developer of Science News for Students at the Society for Science and the Public, and before that served for two years as the Manager of Science Outreach and Education at the Foundation for Biomedical Research, and before that graduated with degrees in neuroscience and economics from the University of Pittsburgh. Matt is a self-taught web developer who was inspired to learn coding to build Sci-Inspire, Inc , a 501(c)3 nonprofit social network for science outreach operating in New York and Washington, D.C. that connects K-12 educators with university science college students to boost science attitudes and aptitudes in American youth. In his spare time, Matt enjoys hiking with his dog, strumming on his guitar, and building web applications for his friends.

If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Matthew at gapsa.external@gmail.com.