Laronnda Thompson

Interim Chair for Equity and Access

School of Arts & Sciences

Laronnda Thompson is the Chair for GAPSA Equity and Access (2018-2019), a Philadelphia native and is a 2nd Yr. Ph.D student in the Graduate School of Education (GSE). Her research concerns the developmental effects of children's literary content on perspective-taking and aspects of identity development. Laronnda has also served two terms as the President of GSE's Student Government. Prior to coming to the University of Penn she worked in early child education and youth advocacy as well as community development for a variety of non-profit organizations, such as the Salvation Army. Laronnda's devotion to Equity and Access stems from her belief that everyone has the right to a healthy life and the attainment of their goals as well as her own identity as a First Generation Low-Income (FGLI) student and a student with a disability.

If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Laronnda at