The Lactation Space Initiative

The lactation initiative was begun in the fall of 2015 by concerned students within the GAPSA Committee on Equity and Access. The specific goals of this initiative are to assess the needs of graduate students regarding lactation space and equipment, determine the current status of space and equipment, and identify and execute improvements until needs are fully met. The broad goal of this initiative is to empower graduate students with children at Penn and ensure that we as a community are doing all we can to facilitate both their education and family commitments.   

In this document, each lactation space currently available for graduate student use is listed along with a photograph, details regarding specific amenities, and who to contact with any questions or concerns about the room. Much of this information is unavailable elsewhere as of Spring 2015 and has been recently collected and verified. 

NEW! A new space will be opening in Van Pelt Library on the 5th floor as part of the new graduate student only study space!

Please contact the current Chair for Equity and Access with further questions or to get involved with this initiative.

View the Lactation Spaces document →

Note: Penn's Human Resources department also keeps a record of all spaces on campus, though not all are open to graduate students.