Kelsey VanGelder, Vice Chair

  • Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

  • B.S., Chemistry, The College of New Jersey

Kelsey VanGelder currently serves as the Vice Chair of GAPSA. She is originally from Denville, New Jersey and is a 5th year PhD student studying Organic Chemistry. Kelsey received her B.S. in Chemistry in 2011 from The College of New Jersey.  Kelsey served on the GAPSA Executive Board last year as the Vice Chair for Research Students. 

As Vice Chair, Kelsey is responsible for planning GradFest, a week-long kick-off celebration for incoming and returning graduate students.  GradFest 2015 will be from September 21st-27th, and will feature the traditional blowout party, an activities fair, a BBQ picnic, and much more! Kelsey is also responsible for running the GAPSA Executive Board.  Together with Samantha (Chair), she hopes that GAPSA and the Executive Board will become more effective and inclusive of the entire graduate and professional student body.

Fun fact: Kelsey co-directs a science outreach program for kids called Activities for Community Education in Science (ACES).


If you have general comments of suggestions regarding GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Kelsey at


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