Katherine France, Vice Chair for Operations

  • D.M.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

  • M.B.E. Candidate, Perelman School of Medicine

  • B.A., Chemistry, Carleton College

Katherine France is this year’s Vice Chair of Operations. She is currently a fourth year student in the School of Dental Medicine concurrently pursuing a Master’s of Bioethics. Katherine’s interests lie in non-surgical management of oral lesions and medically complex patients and she hopes to pursue a career that combines practice and teaching.

Katherine has been involved in GAPSA for her entire time at Penn and loves getting to know students from other graduate schools. As Vice Chair of Operations she hopes to use her organizational insanity to continue to bring a wide variety of students together to allow them to get to know each other and exchange their skills and ideas.

When she’s not drilling and filling, Katherine likes cooking and even more so, eating, running, dancing, and traveling.

Fun fact: Katherine was born on Bastille Day, but that did not inspire the name.


If you have additional comments or questions regarding GAPSA operations, please do not hesitate to contact Katherine at gapsa.operations@gmail.com.


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