GAPSA Finance Associations Council (GFAC)

GAPSA Finance sponsors recurring advisory sessions of the GAPSA Finance Associations Council (GFAC). As part of GAPSA's outreach initiatives, in Finance 101, we will discuss budgeting, fund applications, best practices, and other funding questions for graduate and professional student organizations at Penn. Learn more about GAPSA’s academic event, community outreach, student group event, Synergy, GAP, and discretionary funds.

If your group is interested in GAPSA funding, a member of your group must complete the Finance 101 quiz and obtain a certificate of completion before applying for funding in each funding round.

Answers to the quiz may be found on the GAPSA Finance FAQs page.

The quiz will be available starting August 2019. Summer 2019 events are eligible for Round 1 funding; 2020 summer events are eligible for Round 4 funding.

The quiz may be found hyperlinked or here:

Umbrella Service Organizations

In order to assist student groups collaborate and coordinate activities and programs around shared interests, GAPSA Finance encourages student groups to associate in Umbrella Student Organizations (USOs). USOs provide co-investment strategies as well as support for programming and funding initiatives. The following USOs are organizing:

  • Academic/Professional

  • Community Service

  • Performing Arts

  • Political/Advocacy

  • Religious/Spiritual

  • Sports/Recreational

  • Peer Education and Support

  • G12 Student Government

Contact with further questions.