Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for managing GAPSA's budget and directly administering four different funds – Student Group Funding, Discretionary Fund, Synergy Fund, and the Inter-school Partnership Fund. The Committee solicits applications, reviews applications, and administers the funds.

GAPSA Finance is comprised of fund and functional subcommittees. Please see our Group/Event Funding page for information about each fund.

  • Discretionary Fund

  • Student Group Event Fund (SGEF)

  • Synergy Fund

  • Inter-school Partnership Fund (Formerly GAP fund)

  • G12 Accountability Program (GAP)

  • Budget Management (accounting and reporting)

  • Revenue Management (tickets and sponsorship)

  • GAS-GAPSA Advisory Services (consulting and auditing)

  • Sustainability & Development (strategic planning)

GAPSA Finance is open to any graduate or professional student at the University.  You do not need to be an elected member of the General Assembly to participate.

Contact the Chair for Finance to get involved!