GAPSA Executive Board 2014-2015

Please check out each position's role description.

Justine Sefcik
School of Nursing

Rebekka Merrell
Vice Chair
School of Dental

Lucy Hao Liu
Vice Chair for Communication
Graduate School of Education

Anthony Pratcher II
Vice Chair for Equity and Access
School of Arts and Sciences

Priya Hattay
Vice Chair of Finance
School of Engineering

Kevin WanXin Luan
Vice Chair for International Affairs
School of Dental Medicine

Meredith Wallner
Vice Chair for Operations
The Wharton School

Samantha Miller
Vice Chair for Professional Studies
Law School

Kelsey VanGelder
Vice Chair for Research Students
School of Arts and Sciences

Erica Shim
Vice Chair for Student Activities
The Wharton School

Jingwen Zhang
Vice Chair for Student Life
The Annenberg School

Tracey Chu
Vice Chair for Student Programs
The Wharton School