Equity and Access Committee

The Committee for Equity and Access is dedicated to removing barriers that impede students’ abilities to garner the most from the opportunities available to them as Penn students. We work to accomplish our mission through raising awareness of resources as well as areas in need of improvement, creating more efficient systems and opportunities for funding in order to overcome the effects of economic and/or opportunity limitations, advocating on behalf of all students as well as working closely with the University Councils—to which we assign students. The Equity & Access Committee also works closely with the Committee for International Affairs as well as the IDEAL Council, to support and empower students faced with a challenge or a threat to their education and professional development

Equity & Access is in the process of assessing community size and needs this year. We are conducting a survey that is completely optional and the information collected will not be used for anything more than measuring constituency-size. Your name and e-mail will not be reported to any department or seen by anyone besides the Chair and Deputies of Equity & Access. If you opt-in you may be contacted by Equity & Access for future opportunities. Please note, this is NOT the GAPSA listserv sign-up form and your e-mail will not be copied to the listserv from this form, you should sign-up separately to stay up to date with GAPSA sponsored opportunities.

You can take the survey at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/XKvyOEewsMDnvYFi1

Contact the Chair for Equity and Access to get involved!