Dean Schmeltz, Chair for Operations

  • M.S.Ed. Candidate, Intercultural Communication, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

  • B.A., Linguistics, Reed College

Dean Schmeltz is currently pursuing an M.S.Ed. from the Graduate School of Education (GSE). His specialization is in Intercultural Communication, which he approaches with a background in Linguistics from Reed College. At Penn, Dean has studied under and worked as a research assistant for faculty in both GSE and in the Department of Linguistics. Interdisciplinary opportunities such as these are what excite Dean about the graduate experience at Penn, and motivate him to be involved at the Graduate Student Center and in GAPSA. As GAPSA’s 2017-2018 Chair for Operations, Dean is committed to ensuring the smooth functioning of the General Assembly, in hopes that its members will work to make the University a better place, tell him all about their research, and laugh at his jokes.


If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA Operations, please do not hesitate to contact Dean at


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