Communications Committee

The Committee for Communications manages GAPSA’s digital presence, branding, and most of the communication between GAPSA and the student body. This year, the committee will be working on:

  1. Increasing our social media presence, especially on our Instagram

  2. Updating the GAPSA website and managing an efficient web management team

  3. Drafting ideas for the revamped GAPSA website, GAPSA brand, and GAPSA weekly newsletter

  4. Creating a live stream of GAPSA meetings to increase accessibility

  5. Community service and outreach with our new intiative "GAPSA Gives Back"

  6. The GAPSA photoshoot

Join the GAPSA Communications Committee!

Do you enjoy connecting others to resources and fun? Are you interested in photos, social media, brand management, web management, community outreach, or all of the above? Join our committee and help us creatively advertise the magic on Penn's campus and beyond! Whether you like taking photos, word smithing an email or ad, or bringing energy and creativity to events, programs or advertising, we would love to have you join our team! Enjoy happy hours after our meetings with fellow GAPSA committee members as well as the GAPSA General Assembly and other perks like free/discounted tickets to GAPSA events, GAPSA branded swag, and occassional committee dinners! 

Contact the Chair for Communications to get involved!