Christiana Kallon-Kelly

Chair for International Affairs

Graduate School of Education

Christiana  is a 2nd year doctoral student in Education, Culture and Society. She holds an MS.Ed. in International Educational Development from the same department and a B.A. in Sociology from The College of William & Mary. Christiana was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and grew up in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh. She has also lived and worked in Jordan and Senegal.  In 2007, Christiana moved to the United States to start undergraduate studies. She was the president of the African Cultural Society at William & Mary and a student assistant at the Center for International Studies. After graduation, Christiana was employed by her alma mater for three years as an Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, and was primarily responsible for reviewing freshmen applications for multicultural students in the US, international F-1 visa students, and American citizens attending overseas schools.

Since coming to Penn in 2015, she has been involved with various diversity and global outreach initiatives across campus in her roles as a 2017-18 Lipman Family Prize Fellow at the Wharton McNulty Leadership Program, Perry World House Graduate Associate, and member of the Black Graduate Women’s Association. As GAPSA Chair for International Affairs, Christiana is committed to supporting all international graduate and professional  thrive academically and socially during their time in the United States.

If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Christiana at gapsa.ia@gmail.com.