University Offices

1. Graduate Student Center.jpg

Graduate Student Center→

The Graduate Student Center, at 3615 Locust Walk, is the centrally-located home for graduate and professional students at Penn. Students are invited to relax, work, and enjoy the Center and its resources.


2. ISSS.jpg

International Student and Scholar Services→

ISSS aims to provide immigration assistance as well as a sense of community for the international population at Penn.


3. SFS.jpg

Student Financial Services→

Student Financial Services aims to provide an array of financial services, products, counseling resources and information to meet the needs of students and their families when planning for and managing the cost of attendance.


4. Penn Libraries.png

Penn Libraries→

Penn Libraries has an enormous variety of resources available for graduate students. Together with GAPSA, a guide has been developed to highlight some particularly useful resources.


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Resources for New Students

1. Incoming Students Checklist.jpg

Incoming Student Checklist→

This incoming students' checklist is a list of everything you need to do before you arrive at Penn.


2. Moving to Philadelphia.jpg

Moving to Philadelphia→

Moving to Philadelphia is an online guide designed to help new students relocate to Philly.


3. PennCard.png


PennCard is the official identification card of the University of Pennsylvania and is required for all students; your PennCard gives you access to many University facilities and services.


4. Campus Express.png

Campus Express→

Visit Campus Express online before arriving to sign up for you PennCard, order textbooks, buy a new computer, register your property, and purchase discounted transit passes.


5. PennKey.jpg

PennKey and Password→

PennKey and Password gives you access to PennNet, a Penn email account, and many other essential online services.


6. Penn InTouch.gif

Penn InTouch→

Penn InTouch gives you secure access to enrollment and financial information. Use your PennKey and password to log on for billing, financial aid, and student loan information, as well as online course registration, course schedules and academic records, updating selected address information, and updating privacy settings


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Resources for Graduating Students

1. Career Services.png

Career Services→

Career Services offers an extensive array of services to graduate and professional students including resume reviews, practice interviews, workshops, and on-campus recruiting.


2. alumni affairs.jpg

Alumni Affairs→

There are many resources available for graduating students and alumni. Learn more and stay connected!


3. QuakerNet.jpg


QuakerNet is the online community for Penn alumni.


4. Graduate Student Center.jpg

Resource Page through the Graduate Student Center→

Check out these resources for graduating students, including information about Commencement ceremonies, and health insurance.


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Living in Philadelphia

1. On Campus Housing.jpg

Graduate Housing→

On Campus Housing allows graduate and professional students to live on campus in Sansom Place or to serve as Graduate Associates in exchange for free housing in Sansom Place.



2. Off Campus.png

Off-Campus Housing→

Off Campus Housing helps students navigate their off-campus housing search through an interactive database of active rental listings that are both long and short term.


3. violence prevention office.jpg

Penn Violence Protection→

Penn Violence Prevention aims to prevent sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus, by ensuring students have access to resources, and by providing preventative education focused on building healthy relationships, understanding consent, and being an active bystander.


4. violence prevention guide.jpg

Penn Violence Prevention Resource Guide

Penn Violence Prevention aims to prevent sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus, by ensuring students have access to resources, and by providing preventative education focused on building healthy relationships, understanding consent, and being an active bystander. They have published a resource guide for students.


5. Penn Transit.jpg

Penn Transit Services→

Penn Transit Services provide shuttles and buses that help you travel to, from, and around campus safely at no charge. Accessible transit is also available for students with permanent or temporary disabilities.


6. walking escort.jpg

Penn Walking Escort→

Penn Walking Escort offers uniformed security officers from the Division of Public Safety that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to walk with students in defined areas.


7. graduate associate housing.png

Graduate Associate Housing→

Graduate students can also apply to be a Graduate Associate in the undergraduate college houses in exchange for free housing.


8. legal services.jpg

Legal Services→

In collaboration with the Undergraduate Assembly, GAPSA provides access to free legal services for graduate students. Click here for more information.


9. Package Holding.jpg

Off-Campus Package Holding Services→

Off-Campus Package Holding Services accepts and processes packages during the academic year for any current student with a valid PennCard at a variety of locations.


10. Dining.png

Penn Dining Services→

Penn Dining Service offers a variety of dining plans, including options for off-campus students. These dining plans allow students to enjoy both a la carte options and all-you-care-to-eat meals. Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free options are always available.


11. student employment office.jpg

Student Employment Office→

The Student Employment Office maintains a list of part-time employment opportunities on- and off-campus.


12. mass transit.gif

Mass Transit in Philadelphia→

Mass Transit in Philadelphia is operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). SEPTA maps and schedules are available online and at the Graduate Student Center.


13. car sharing.png

Car Sharing→

Car Sharing is available through two car sharing companies, Enterprise CarShare and Zipcar, to provide incentives to members of the Penn community who only require car use sporadically.


14. penn cycle.jpg


PennCycle offers bike rental plans, group bike rides, workshops on bike safety and upkeep, and used biked sales.


15. parking.png

Parking at Penn→

Parking at Penn is available if you are planning to bring a car with you and hope to park it daily in a University lot. Contact the Parking office to learn about fees and available spaces.


16. Public Safety.png

Penn Public Safety→

Division of Public Safety (DPS) delivers a comprehensive and integrated safety and security program in partnership with the community they serve.

  • Penn Guardian allows students to build personal profiles so that if they call Public Safety from a registered cell phone, information about them can be immediately accessed.

  • The UPennAlert Emergency Notification System enables the University to quickly notify the Penn community of critical information during a major emergency.

  • Property Registration via Campus Express allows you to register your property and increase the chances of recovery should it ever be lost or stolen.

  • The RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) System for Women is a self-defense course teaching awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and the basics of hands-on defense training.

  • The 24/7 emergency phone number is 511 from any on-campus phone and 215-573-3333 from a non-campus phone. It can be used in the event of any emergency, to report suspicious activity, to request Escort Service, or for any need requiring immediate assistance.

  • Blue Light Phones are distributed on campus and in the surrounding community. If you observe a potential safety hazard or require assistance, contact Public Safety from one of these phones.

  • Free lockout and jumpstart services for campus drivers, click here.


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Connecting to Campus

1. student groups.jpg

Student Groups→

Penn maintains a database of all Graduate and Undergraduate student groups. Find one that you want to join or sign up your group for the registry. Also check out resources for student groups here.


2. mentoring.jpg

Penn Mentoring Program→

The Grad-Undergrad Mentoring Program at the University of Pennsylvania pairs Penn undergraduates with Penn graduate and professional students to help undergraduates learn first-hand about graduate school.  Graduate student mentors offer a unique "insider's" perspective on what it's like to apply to and attend graduate school.


3. reserving spaces.jpg

Reserving Spaces on Campus→

Graduate student groups can reserve rooms in Perelman Quadrangle for free. Check out information about these and other available rooms.


4. performing arts council.jpg

Performing Arts Council→

The arts are a vibrant and integral part of the University of Pennsylvania's culture, and The Performing Arts Council (PAC) offers you the opportunity to participate in more than 45 different student-run performance organizations. From dance to spoken word, jazz to stand-up comedy, theatre, a cappella and more, if you have interest we have an outlet! Student Performing Arts is one of the most diverse and exciting communities at Penn. With more than 60 performances a year, Penn is the perfect place to discover or fine tune your writing, directing, design, choreography, technical and of course, performance skills!


5. ice rink.jpg

Penn Class of 1923 Ice Rink→

The Penn Class of 1923 Ice Rink is a 2,900-seat facility that hosts figure skating and hockey competitions, among other events.


6. biopond.jpg

Penn Biopond→

James G. Kaskey Memorial Garden (Biopond) is a cultivated retreat that includes a pond and a wide variety of plants and animals.


7. morris arboretum.jpg

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania→

Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, located in Chestnut Hill, is a historic public garden and educational institution that promotes an understanding of the relationship between people, plants, and place. Admission is free with your PennCard!


8. arts at penn.jpg

Arts at Penn→

Arts at Penn are showcased through an online calendar of campus arts and culture events.


9. annenberg.jpg

Annenberg Center for Performing Arts→

Annenberg Center for Performing Arts connects Penn and regional audiences through world-renowned, diverse and innovative human expression in theatre, jazz, world music, and contemporary dance.


10. arthur ross gallery.jpg

The Arthur Ross Gallery→

Arthur Ross Gallery presents art and artifacts from around the world with exhibitions, programs, symposia, and outreach to the University and Philadelphia communities.


11. ica.jpg

The Institute of Contemporary Art→

The Institute of Contemporary Art is one of the country's leading museums dedicated to exhibiting the art of our time.


12. department of music.jpg

The Department of Music Performance Ensembles→

The Department of Music Performance Ensembles features several performance ensembles, including the University's Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Baroque Ensemble, Choral Society, and Chamber Singers.


13. penn museum.jpg

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology→

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is home to an internationally renowned collection of art and artifacts that speak to the history and diversity of human experience around the world.


14. world cafe live.jpg

World Café Live→

World Café Live features two unique music venues and hosts live WXPN radio broadcasts on occasion.


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Academic Resources

1. academic integrity.jpg

Code of Academic Integrity→

Code of Academic Integrity requires that every member of the University community adhere to the principles and spirit of the code.


2. course registration.jpg

Course Registration→

Course Registration can completed during the summer after your school provides you with information on course registration.


3. isss.png

International Student & Scholar Services→

International Student & Scholar Services advises international students on F-1 and J-1 nonimmigrant procedures and compliance with immigration laws and regulations.


4. ctl.jpg

Center for Teaching and Learning→

The Center for Teaching and Learning is available to graduate students interested in improving as teachers, whether they are working as TAs or preparing to become future faculty.


5. penn+box.jpg


Penn+Box is a free cloud service for sharing and storing files. Students get 50 GB of space!


6. career services.png

Career Services→

Career Services offers an extensive array of services to graduate and professional students including resume reviews, practice interviews, workshops, and on-campus recruiting.


7. penn net.jpg


PennNet, Penn's wireless network, can be accessed through the AirPennNet-Help option on the list of available wireless networks. After this network is selected, students can launch a browser to access the XpressConnect configuration wizard.


8. ocmputing.png

Computing Resource Center→

The Computing Resource Center provides computer support for graduate students who reside off-campus or in Sansom place.


9. bookstore.jpg

Penn Bookstore→

The Penn Bookstore offers a range of options for purchasing course materials.


10. wlrc.jpg

Weingarten Learning Resource Center→

The Weingarten Learning Resource Center provides professional instruction in skills such as academic reading, writing, and study strategies free of charge to Penn students.


11. sds.jpg

The Office of Student Disabilities Services→

The Office of Student Disabilities Services provides comprehensive confidential services and programs for students with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities and participation in University-sponsored programs.


12. elp.jpg

English Language Programs→

English Language Programs provides courses in English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) and orientation to life in the United States.


13. campus copy.jpg

Campus Copy Center→

Campus Copy provides copy, print, and binding services and is conveniently located near campus.


14. educational policies.jpg

Educational Policies and Publications→

Educational Policies and Publications relevant to graduate education, including Rules and Regulations, the Pennbook, Ethics and Original Research Guidelines, and the manual of Graduate Supervision, are important reading for all graduate students.


15. information systems.png

Office of Information Systems and Computing→

The Office of Information Systems and Computing helps students, faculty, and staff take full advantage of Penn's technological assets.


16. computing labs.jpg

Computing Labs On Campus→

Penn's public access campus computing labs are open to all faculty, students and staff with valid Penn IDs.


17. vp research.jpg

Research at Penn→

Research at Penn is chronicled through a website that shares the knowledge generated by its 4,300 faculty researchers.


19. critical writing.jpg

Critical Writing Program→

The Critical Writing Program provides writing and advising to all students enrolled in credit-bearing courses at Penn.


20. kelly writers house.jpg

The Kelly Writers House→

The Kelly Writers House serves writers from the Penn and Philadelphia region.


21. cwic.jpg

Communication Within the Curriculum→

Communication Within the Curriculum supports student speaking as means of both communicating and learning.


22. weiss tech.jpg

Weiss Tech House→

Weiss Tech House is designed to support students in the development and/or commercialization of innovative technologies.


23. vpul.png

The Office of the Vice Provost for University Life→

The Division of the Vice Provost for University Life enhances students' ability to reach their fullest potential through diverse academic, personal, and professional development experiences in support of the Penn compact. VPUL is the University's foremost provider of student services and education access.


24. global.jpg

Penn Global Activities Registry→

Penn Global Activities Registry is Penn’s central resource for collecting information about the travel plans and activities of faculty, staff, and students preparing to travel abroad for academic, educational, extracurricular, clinical, research, or University business purposes.


25. student grievance procedure.jpg

Student Grievance Procedures→

Student Grievance Procedures are mandated by Federal Law, which requires the University to designate an employee to coordinate its compliance with certain laws. The University is also required to have procedures for the resolution of student and employee grievances alleging violations of these laws. Any student who feels that he or she has been discriminated against by an individual or office acting for the University, or that the University is not in compliance with federal law, should take his or her complaint to:

  • The Office of the Ombudsman is an independent, confidential, informal, and neutral resource available to the Penn community for the resolution of conflicts and the mediation of disputes.
  • The Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs provides central leadership and support for the University's efforts to achieve an educational and work environment that is diverse in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, veteran status, interests, perspectives, and socioeconomic status. 
  • University Mediation Program helps Penn students who are involved in a personal dispute (for example, a relationship, house mate, or group conflict) resolve the conflict by using a variety of conflict resolution tools, including mediation.
  • The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for acting on behalf of the University in matters of student discipline.


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Staying Healthy at Penn

1. help line.jpg

HELP Line→

HELP Line: 215-898-HELP. The University HELP Line is a 24-hour-a-day phone number for members of the Penn community who are seeking time sensitive help in navigating Penn’s resources for health and wellness.


2. shs.jpg

Student Health Service (SHS)→ 

The Student Health Service (SHS) Primary Care section offers evaluation, initial treatment and follow-up care for acute injuries and illnesses, provides care for chronic health problems, dispenses selected prescription medication, administers routine and travel immunizations, provides an array of screening and preventative health services, and coordinates outside medical care that students need. Women's Health provides well-women care, including annual exams, contraceptive management, and treatment and counseling for sexual and reproductive health concerns. Sports Medicine evaluation, podiatry services, and nutrition counseling are also offered by SHS. Campus Health Initiatives is the public health branch of Student Health Services that seeks to improve health and well-being across campus through advocacy, education, programming, and action.


3. dental.png

Penn Dental Plan for Students→

Penn Dental Plan for Students offers an inexpensive dental plan, which includes coverage for cleanings, fillings, crowns, orthodontics, and Invisalign, for students.


4. caps.jpg

Counseling and Psychological Services→

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provides professional psychological and psychiatric services to students who are having personal problems involving social, emotional, academic, or career issues.


5. penn rec.jpg

Penn Recreation→

The Department of Recreation offers intramural sports, 2 on-campus fitness facilities, informal recreation, 37 sports clubs, group exercise classes, personal training, massage therapy, and outdoor adventure trips. On-campus fitness facilities require a membership fee.


6. pottruck.jpg

Pottruck Center→

The Pottruck Center offers fitness space, an Olympic sized pool and co-ed sauna, Energy Zone Juice Bar, locker/shower facilities, and the membership services office.


7. fox fitness.jpg

Fox Fitness Center→

The Fox Fitness Center features fitness space for cardio and strength training as well as Circuit Training classes led by certified Personal Trainers.


8. penn park.jpg


PennPark is 24 acres of continuous open space that includes athletic and recreational facilities.


9. reach a peer.jpg

Reach-A-Peer Help Line→

The Reach-A-Peer Help Line is an anonymous peer-support service founded and run by Penn student volunteers. The phone number is 215-573-2RAP (2727).


10. penn violence.jpg

Penn Violence Prevention→

Penn Violence Prevention aims to prevent sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus, by ensuring students have access to resources, and by providing preventative education focused on building healthy relationships, understanding consent, and being an active bystander.


11. penn shape.jpg

Penn SHAPE Program→

Penn SHAPE offers a variety of free fitness classes. Classes run approximately 5 times per week, and include yoga, meditation, Zumba, weight training, and running.  Learn more!


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Resources for Students with Children

1. family resource center.png

Family Resource Center→

The Family Resource Center at Penn is a hub for information, resources, activities and advocacy for students and post-docs with children. The Family Center provides a forum for student parents to connect and develop supportive networks, and offers a welcoming environment for Penn students, post-docs, caregivers, and children.


2. lactation.jpg

Lactation Spaces on Campus→

There are many spaces currently available on campus for graduate students in need of private space for nursing or lactation.


3. child care.jpg

Emergency Back-Up Child Care→

“The University provides Emergency Backup Child Care for students and post-doctoral fellows at Penn. Emergency backup care is provided in your home during unexpected or emergency situations that would normally prevent you from completing academic work or training. To be eligible for backup care, you must first join the Family Resource Center.


4. womens center.png

Penn Women’s Center→

Penn Women’s Center provides free attachments for the University’s chosen model of lactation pump (available in some spaces, see lactation page for more)


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Resources for Minority Students

1. aarc.jpg

African American Resource Center→

African American Resource Center serves to enhance the quality of life for students, staff, and faculty at Penn, with a particular focus on those of African descent.


2. greenfield.jpg

Greenfield Intercultural Center→

Greenfield Intercultural Center promotes intercultural awareness and cultural competency workshops to help prepare Penn students to be thoughtful global citizens and leaders.


3. la casa latina.png

La Casa Latina→

La Casa Latina focuses on building a unified community by working with the Latino Coalition, LaGAPSA, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


4. lgbt.jpg

The LGBT Center→

The LGBT Center offers educational programs and mentoring, works with and supports student organizations-including Lambda Grads and other queer graduate and professional student groups. The center also co-sponsors QPenn (an annual pride week in March) and offers free printing.


5. makuu.png


Makuu, the Black Cultural Center, serves as a cultural hub for campus activities, activism, and personal, professional, and academic growth in order to increase resources and connections to the Penn community.


6. paach.jpg

Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH)→

Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) is a hub of academic, personal, and professional growth for Penn students interested in Asian American culture and the Asian American Diaspora.


7. womens center.png

Penn Women’s Center→

The Penn Women's Center aims to understand and address the continuing and evolving needs of all women at Penn.


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Spiritual Wellness at Penn


Office of the Chaplain→

Office of the Chaplain houses religious and spiritual life at Penn. It's comprised of more than 40 student groups and dozens of local congregations representing every major world religion.



Anglican & Episcopal Students at Penn and St. Mary’s, The Episcopal Church at Penn→

Anglican & Episcopal Students at Penn and St. Mary's, The Episcopal Church at Penn, include activities centered on the Episcopal Student Association and the liturgical service at St. Mary's Church.




The Christian Association→

The Christian Association serves as an ecumenical resource promoting open minds and working faith. It provides opportunities for people to develop their personal voice in negotiating faith and real life in discussions of social issues like LGBTQ rights, food ethics, and education.



Hillel's Jewish Graduate Student Network→

Hillel's Jewish Graduate Student Network offers a variety of events and opportunities for graduate and professional students from Penn and Philadelphia, including Shabbat dinners, social events, cultural and holiday celebrations, networking opportunities, and community service activities.




Lubavitch House at Penn→

Lubavitch House at Penn provides a warm and stimulating environment for all Jewish students regardless of background or affiliation.



Muslim Students Association (MSA)→

Muslim Students Association (MSA) strives to serve the needs of Muslims on campus, as well as to provide a source of information for non-Muslims to learn more about Islam. A prayer room for Muslim students is located in the Religious Activities Common in Suite 240 Houston Hall.



Penn Newman Catholic Center→

Penn Newman Catholic Center is the Roman Catholic Church's presence on campus, serving the entire community at Penn.


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Connecting to Philadelphia


Civic House→

Civic House is Penn's hub for student-led community service and advocacy efforts. Civic House also invites graduate students to lead discussions about community-oriented research and to serve as mentors for undergraduates.



Barbara & Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships→

Barbara & Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships is Penn's vehicle for academically based community service (ABCS), which emphasizes collaborative, local, real-world problem solving. The center works to create mutually beneficial partnerships between the University and the West Philadelphia community.



Penn Volunteers in Public Service→

Penn Volunteers in Public Service provides a vehicle for the Penn community and the West Philadelphia community to work together through community service activities and events.



Penn Athletics→

Penn Athletics give students the opportunity to cheer for Quaker football, basketball, baseball, rowing, soccer, and more!



Philadelphia Sports Teams→

Philadelphia sports teams in Philadelphia include the Phillies, the Flyers, the 76ers, the Eagles, the Kixx, the Union, and more!



Mass Transit in Philadelphia→

Mass Transit in Philadelphia is operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). SEPTA maps and schedules are available online and at the Graduate Student Center.


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