Buyan VP pic.JPG

Buyan Pan

Vice President

School of Arts and Sciences




Buyan Pan is our Vice President for 2018-2019, returning for a third year of service on GAPSA. In her first year with GAPSA, Buyan served as a research representative to the General Assembly. Last year, she chaired the Research Council, advocating for transparency and consistency across graduate programs, more funding opportunities for PhD candidates, inclusion of student input in departmental processes, and improvement of mentorship standards across campus. In her term as Research Council Chair, Buyan founded the “Research Thursdays” series for graduate and professional students to present their research to a general audience and showcase their work in a mural gallery space. 

This year, as chief of the Exec Board, Buyan is looking forward to coordinating event planning and advocacy efforts among Exec members, strengthening GAPSA’s leadership by introducing management training programs, fostering stronger connections among GAPSA, the G12, and other student leaders, and centralizing initiatives that welcome back graduate alumni. 

Outside of lab work, Buyan enjoys organizing science outreach programs and volunteering in popularizing science. 





If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Buyan at