Brenda Salantes, Chair for External Affairs

  • Ph.D. Candidate Cell and Molecular Biology, Gene Therapy and Vaccines, University of Pennsylvania

  • B.S. Biopsychology, Mills College


Brenda Salantes is the 2017-2018 Chair for External Affairs. Brenda has had a longstanding interest in student advocacy as demonstrated by her involvement with the IDEAL Council and Ernest E. Just Biomedical Society, an organization that promotes the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students in STEM fields. With GAPSA's recent membership in the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS), Brenda is most looking forward to using her executive position to bring further awareness to graduate and professional student issues on a local and national platform.


Fun Fact: Brenda is a self-proclaimed professional when it comes to April Fools Day pranks and no one, including her current GAPSA executive team, is safe.


If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA External Affairs, please do not hesitate to contact Brenda at


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