Aalok Thakkar

Chair for Operations

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Aalok Thakkar is the 2019-20 Chair for Operations. He aims to facilitate continuous, smooth, and efficient functioning of all wings of GAPSA, enforcing the Constitution and the Rules of Order, and augment to the meaning and purpose that GAPSA adds to all our lives.

In the past, at GAPSA, he has served as a General Assembly representative, Sustainability Deputy for the Finance Committee, a member of the International Affairs Committee, a member of the Research Council, and the Parliamentarian for GAPSA General Assembly. He also initiated the Select Committee on Environmental Action and Sustainability at GAPSA and facilitated the committee as its interim chair. Outside GAPSA, he is the current President of Rangoli - the Indian Association at Penn, and has been a former member of Rangoli, Graduate Student Engineering Group, and the Computer and Information Science Graduate Association. Through his initiatives at Penn, Aalok has worked on issues pertaining to inclusivity, equity and diversity, environmental sustainability, and the need for procedural and democratic practices throughout Penn’s student government structures. He wishes to take these forwards through GAPSA Operations for this year.

Outside of student governments, Aalok is a doctoral student at the Department of Computer and Information Science, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and works on formal methods for verification and synthesis of computer programs using automata theoretic methods. In 2018, he graduated from Chennai Mathematical Institute with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and theoretical computer science.

It humbles him to have the honor to serve the graduate students at Penn!

If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share about GAPSA, please do not hesitate to contact Aalok at gapsa.operations@gmail.com.